Questions and Answers!

        We recieve many quesitons regarding services, price, types of events and more.  Hopefully this page can give you some more detail about what we have to offer for you next event!

How much will an event cost?

​DJND Entertainment takes every event individually and offers a fair price based upon the responsibilities of each event.  We will work with you to come to an agreement for your event!

How do we book an event date?

Once we have talked about a specific date in mind and negotiated a price, all we require is a deposit and a signed contract to hold a date!  Without a deposit, it is based of a first come first serve basis!


What kind of music do you play?

We have a great range of music including top 40, dance, motown, classic rock, country, jazz, 70's/80's/90s dance just to name a few.  We have thousands of songs ready to play at the push of a button!


Can our guests provide requests?

Yes, your guests can make requests throughout the night when appropriate.  Will we play every request? No.  We say this only because we want the night to run smooth and keep the dancing going during the event!  If the song is appropriate for moment during the event, we have no problem playing a special request!

Can we make a playlist for the event?

Yes!  We highly recommend our clients to provide us with a list of songs you and your guests may enjoy.  Believe it or not, depending on the event, some special requests can really put a vibe to the night!.  You know your friends and family better than we do!  So if you know of your mom/dad or a best friend's favorite song, let us know before so we can make sure to play those songs!



What happens if the DJ gets sick?

Many of our bigger gigs (Weddings, etc.) will usually have two DJ's available for that gig just to make sure the night runs smoothly.  If there happens to only be one scheduled for a specific date, we will provide another DJ that has much experience to take over for the night!  ​​


Do you have backup equipment?

We always provide the best equipment to date to rely on for our gigs.  However, we always provide backup equipment(laptops/Mixers) to keep the music playing and the dancing going if a issue may occur!

Can we meet in person before the event?

We have no problem discussing any questions you may have before the event date!  We recommend meeting in person just to make sure we are on the same page and every event we provide can run as smooth as possible!  For weddings, we usually require to meet in person AT LEAST once (Usually a month before) before the gig to make sure the whole night is planned exactly the way you want it! 


​Do you price match?

Only under certain circumstances will we price match.  For example, we will not provide service for a $350.00 wedding.  Weddings take time, beyond just the day of the event, to make it a night to remember!  We value our services and take full responsibility of each and every event!  We price each event individually based on the responsibilities and time committed to your event!  We will work with you to come up with the best price for our clients and ourselves.​